Tile flooring is designed to last for years and is versatile and attractive. However, you have to keep the grout clean to keep the tile in your facility looking new. The grout is the cement mixture that holds the tiles together. Here are a few ways to keep tile grout clean and bright, whether you’re using good old-fashioned elbow grease or hiring a professional janitorial cleaning service.

4 Ways to Keep Tile Grout Clean 

#1 – Use the Proper Tools & Products

To thoroughly clean your grout, you’ll need a damp mop brush and a mild cleaner that will remove dirt without damaging the material. Choose safe daily neutral tile floor cleaners. Avoid vinegar and other acidic cleaners because they can deteriorate grout over time. 

 #2 – Don’t Use Too Much Water

Make sure your mop isn’t soaking wet when mopping your tile grout. Since grout is very porous, using too much water can cause it to disintegrate. Mold and mildew growth is an additional risk if water seeps under the tiles.

#3 – Seal the Grout

A sealant protects against spills and stains, helping your floors look clean and new for longer. It will also provide another layer of protection against moisture settling in and causing mold buildup. By investing in professional sealing services, you can significantly increase the grout’s life span.

#4 – Hire a Professional Service

Even with proper care, grout can still become discolored over time. Dingy floors reflect negatively on your business. For this reason, it’s often best to hire a professional janitorial cleaning service. They’ll use high-level technology, such as emulsifying cleansers, to remove the soil, helping your tiles look new.

 At Integrity Janitorial Cleaning Services, we provide intricate care for various flooring materials. Whether it is tile, wood, or material in-between, we create specialized floor care systems that work for our clients. To get started, schedule a free consultation today. We’ll keep your floors looking clean and bright.