You’ve noticed that working in an office can sometimes get dirty. Many people are in and out daily, creating a need to hire a commercial cleaning company in Atlanta. With people eating, using the restroom, and working extra hours, trash, old food, and messes will accumulate. When companies try to pitch in to do the cleaning themselves to save money, they find that it becomes a low priority over time and doesn’t get done. A dirty office negatively impacts your clients that might be in your offices but also your employees’ morale. Follow our tips for keeping your office clean.

Schedule Regular Cleanings

The size of your staff, the number of clients you see, and the kind of work done in the space will determine how often you should schedule janitorial service. It would help if you didn’t wait until the office is in dire straits every week before getting a good clean. This is both unsafe and unsightly to everyone that enters the space. Instead, schedule a regular cleaning where everything gets wiped down and sanitized, trash gets taken out, and floor care services remove debris. Regular cleaning will ensure that employees and clients will walk in with a sense of pride and be comfortable working in your place of business.

Clean Shared Spaces Thoroughly

When you have shared spaces, such as break rooms and restrooms, these areas must be adequately sanitized for safety because germs and bacteria can cause illness. Bacteria can live on surfaces and spread throughout the office.

As a result, when your employees get sick, they miss work time, which affects your business significantly. Taking that extra step to have janitorial cleaning services in Atlanta regularly sanitize these shared spaces will cut back on sick leave. Therefore your employees have a clean area where they feel comfortable working.

Individual Cubicles and Desks

If you have individual desks or cubicles like most offices, using them 8 hours a day can cause a space to harbor dust and germs. Many people eat breakfast and lunch at their desks and rarely take the time to wipe the area down. Therefore, bacteria will live on the surface of computer keyboards, desk spaces, and phone devices.

Unclean workspaces can be dangerous for employees, especially when they aren’t sanitizing their area regularly. Therefore it’s essential to hire a commercial cleaning service to ensure the health of your office. 

We Can Help Keep Your Office Clean

At Integrity Janitorial Cleaning Services, we offer premium janitorial cleaning services and help you maintain a healthier, cleaner environment for your business. We provide many cleaning solutions for officeswarehousesretail buildingsmedical facilities, etc., and various cleaning options, including environmentally-friendly deep cleaning products, COVID-19 cleaning solutionscommercial carpet cleaning, etc., to keep your employees safe. We also offer flexible scheduling to accommodate your business. 

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