If you work in a smaller office, you might think that cleaning tasks are getting done. However, we at Integrity Janitorial Cleaning Services are here to tell you that there are places that never get cleaned in your office. These areas are probably entirely forgotten, probably so much so that you don’t even notice until the day you move to a different space. There are plenty of places people forget. Here are a few places your office might not think about cleaning in their office:

The Dishwasher

So your job is to tackle the full sink of dishes? You just put all that stuff in the office dishwasher and move on? No! It turns out that without proper rinsing, your dishwasher begins to have a particular aroma. There’s usually a little mesh part with a drain that collects bits of food and can fill up with all kinds of stuff over time. Give it some attention and run a self-clean cycle once in a while.

Under And Behind Furniture

Hiring janitorial services for this task is ideal, but moving things is essential. Dust collects, and it is hard on electrical and office equipment. Office furniture creates a natural stop for dust, where airflow is restricted, and particles can settle.

For example, pay attention to the areas behind and under desks, filing cabinets, drawers, and office machines. These larger pieces don’t ever get moved, which can form dust traps over time. Out of sight usually means out of mind – but all that dust can be bad for air quality and your office equipment, so make sure you add these areas to your rotation or hire office cleaning services to do it for you.


Blinds are one of the last things cleaned for a good reason. It is no fun to clean blinds, but dust build-up will happen. The most important thing is that they get a regular dusting. Unfortunately, if you do not regularly dust your blinds, there will be tons of work later. Or you could hire Integrity Janitorial Cleaning Services. Blinds are part of our regular cleaning schedule. If you’re noticing that the blinds in your office are being left dusty, be warned that this can lead to stickiness, requiring a much deeper cleaning in the long run.

Integrity Janitorial Cleaning Services Can Help!

It’s essential to work with a reputable professional commercial cleaning service to focus on places that never get cleaned in your office. At Integrity Janitorial Cleaning Services, we proudly offer commercial cleaning services for businesses and facilities, including offices, gymsrestaurantswarehousesmedical facilities, and so much more. We also offer flexible scheduling to accommodate your business.

We offer various commercial cleaning services to keep your employees and customers safe, including green cleaning and disinfectant fogging. Call us today at (404) 530-0811 or visit our website to schedule a free consultation. We look forward to showing you how our services can benefit your company today!