Dust mites are microscopic, insect-like pests that generate some of the most common indoor allergens that can trigger allergic reactions and asthma in some people. Did you know hundreds of thousands of dust mites can live in the bedding, mattresses, upholstered furniture, carpets, or curtains in your home and office? Dust mites are not parasites; they don’t bite, sting, or burrow into our bodies. However, the harmful allergens they create come from their fecal pellets and body fragments. To help prevent dust mites in your office, follow these tips:

  • Remove or limit carpet and rugs in your office.
  • Select furniture made from leather or artificial leather.
  • Replace curtains with hard surface blinds.
  • Clean air ducts regularly.
  • Replace air filters regularly and use a high-quality allergen-capturing filter that will capture dust mites.
  • Reduce office humidity in your office to 50 percent.

How to Remove Dust Mites from Carpet

Dust mites can live in a variety of conditions, and carpets provide the perfect breeding ground. The following tips can help you keep dust mites from setting up residence in your office carpet:

  • Vacuum carpet every day.
  • Deep clean your carpets regularly.
  • Wash all area rugs often and clean any stains immediately.
  • Use a dust mite spray on carpets and rugs.

How to Remove Dust Mites from Upholstery

The best way to keep dust mites from living in your office upholstery is to make sure it is as unappealing as possible. Select upholstery such as leather or faux leather as dust mites are less likely to live on those surfaces. If leather or faux leather upholstery is not an option, follow these tips:

  • Vacuum office upholstery such as chairs, couches, and cubicle walls regularly.
  • Have all upholstery, including leather deep cleaned.
  • Use a dust mite spray on all upholstered surfaces.

How to Remove Dust Mites from Curtains

Curtains are huge dust collectors and make a perfect home for dust mites. The best option to keeping dust mites at bay from your window coverings is to remove curtains and replace them with hard surface blinds.

Additional Tips:

One of the best ways to keep dust mites at bay is to dust regularly. Encourage your associates to clean up clutter and dust around their desks often.


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