As a business owner or office manager, how well you keep your break room clean and inviting directly impacts the well-being and satisfaction of your employees at work. A spotless and fresh-smelling break room promotes a healthier workplace and fosters a positive environment where employees can relax and recharge. However, keeping the space clean is easier said than done. As a top commercial cleaning company in Atlanta, the break room cleaning checklist below can help make this task more organized and manageable. But first, let’s review why keeping this space clean and inviting is essential in the first place.  

The Importance of a Clean, Healthy, and Inviting Break Room

Regular and thorough break room cleaning brings benefits like the following: 

Employee Well-Being 

A tidy and well-kept break room provides your employees with a pleasant space to disengage from their steady stream of tasks, catch up with their teammates during a quick break, or have their meals in peace. All these can help boost employee morale, improve mental well-being, and inspire creativity. 

Health and Hygiene 

Besides making your break room look welcoming, ensuring it is free from clutter, overflowing garbage, rotting food, and mold can keep insects and rodents out. Removing garbage minimizes the chances of pests leaving behind disease-causing substances in the same place your staff eats or takes a break. 

Professional Image 

Whether welcoming new employees or letting your clients visit your office, a spotless break room can help you establish a favorable image. It reflects positively on your company’s reputation and lets you put your relationships with them on the right track. 

Breakroom Cleaning Checklist 

Keeping your break room clean can seem monumental, but breaking down this job into these daily, weekly, and monthly tasks can make things more manageable. 

Daily Tasks 

  • Wipe the countertops. Use a disinfectant spray or wipes to clean countertops, tables, and other surfaces where food is prepared or eaten. 
  • Clean the appliances. Wipe down microwave interiors and handles of other kitchen appliances now and then. Empty and clean the coffee pot daily. 
  • Sweep and mop the floors. Crumbs and spills can cover your kitchen or breakroom floors quickly. Sweep crumbs and clean up spills immediately to keep them spotless and prevent pests like ants and cockroaches. 
  • Empty trash bins. Empty trash bins daily and replace liners as necessary. 
  • Check for expired food. Encourage employees to label their food with dates and regularly check for and discard expired items. 

Weekly Tasks 

  • Deep clean appliances. Clean and sanitize appliances, including your microwave, refrigerator, and coffee machine. 
  • Clean and organize cabinets. Take items out of your cabinets, wipe the interior thoroughly, and manage the items as you return them to their places. 
  • Sanitize sinks and drains. Use a disinfectant to clean and disinfect the sink, faucet, and surrounding surfaces. 
  • Wash dishcloths and towels. Replace dishcloths and towels with fresh ones and wash used ones. 
  • Inspect pantry and supplies. Check the pantry for expired or stale items, and restock supplies as needed. 

Monthly Tasks 

  • Deep clean storage areas. Remove all food items, discard expired ones, and clean shelves and drawers thoroughly before returning the items. 
  • Clean glass surfaces. Wipe down any glass surface in your break room, including windows and mirrors. 
  • Clean, inspect, and service appliances. Thoroughly clean your fridge and other appliances every month. Then, check for any maintenance needs or issues with them and arrange for repairs if necessary. 
  • Deep clean floors. Perform thorough floor cleaning, including mopping and waxing or polishing as necessary.  

Commercial Cleaning: Take It to the Next Level

A clean break room reflects positively on your business and contributes to a happier and more productive environment. For busy offices, maintaining a clean break room can be a challenge. That’s where we, your friendly neighborhood commercial cleaning company, come in! 

Partnering with Integrity Facility Services, Inc. unlocks the potential for increased employee satisfaction and well-being. As a commercial cleaning company specializing in business office cleaning, we use safe cleaning agents to sanitize your break room. Most importantly, we ensure worker health and safety. 

Take the first step in keeping your employees’ work environment pleasant and comfortable by investing in professional office cleaning services. Call (404) 530-0811 or visit our website to schedule a free consultation on our services.