An urgent care center is a fast-paced environment with patients coming and going at all hours. Cleaning an Urgent Care center requires a consistent approach. From illnesses and injuries to preventative care and blood tests, your staff treats people of all ages with all types of conditions and needs. Protecting your healthcare workers and patients is vital by adhering to facility-wide cleanliness guidelines. As a professional medical facility cleaning company, here are 7 urgent care cleaning tips for a clean and safe environment.

1. Maintenance of Hard Surfaces

Routinely clean and disinfect surfaces such as floors, walls, and tabletops with the proper detergents. Antimicrobial surfaces such as copper and silver are more resistant to contaminants than other common surface materials and are a fantastic option for countertops and tables.

2. Sanitation Quality & Compliance Monitoring

Ensure team members are accountable for all recommended environmental cleaning practices. Integrity Janitorial Cleaning Services provides infection control and prevention services for your healthcare facility. We incorporate the latest technologies, high-level training and education, customer service programs, disinfecting programs, and integrated cleaning systems.

3. Proper Cleaning & Disinfecting Training

The entire urgent care center staff must know who cleans what, the process, and when cleaning occurs. Training and feedback on disinfecting practices can significantly improve the quality of cleaning and disinfecting at your facility.

4. Bathroom Cleaning

Bathrooms with sufficient cleaning procedures generally have low levels of contamination. However, as a medical professional in an urgent care center, you’ll see all types of patients, and some may have an injury, condition, or impairment that leads to dirty areas in the bathrooms. Your toilets should be cleaned with a detergent and a firm nylon brush. Disinfectants shouldn’t be poured directly into the bathroom as water dilutes and deactivates any substantial cleaning properties. When flushing, best practices are to keep toilet lids closed to prevent the aerosolization of any pathogens that may be present.

5. Waste Management

Healthcare waste, whether produced by patients or originating from a room or laboratory with transmission-based precautions, should be treated as contaminated. Regular trash, including paper, packaging, and food waste, is regarded as domestic waste and may be handled and disposed of as usual. Discard Pharmaceuticals, toxic, radiological, and laboratory waste using appropriate guidelines. Separated healthcare waste with a color-coding system so there’s no confusion regarding what is or is not hazardous. Professional medical facility cleaning companies who handle healthcare waste must wear appropriate protective attire. Any accidental injuries involving healthcare waste should be reported to the occupational health department.

6. Carpeting & Other Cloth Surfaces

Fabric and carpeting are a source of dust, which could also contain microorganisms. These materials shouldn’t be present in clinical or patient areas, as they’re difficult to keep clean. Avoid carpeting, cloth, and fabrics anywhere spills are likely to occur. Routinely clean spaces with carpeting to minimize dust dispersion. Fortunately, many urgent care centers keep these surfaces to a minimum.

7. Trust In Professional Healthcare Cleaning Company

Urgent care centers are rapidly becoming one of the country’s most frequently visited types of medical facilities. You can’t afford to take any chances when it comes to cleanliness. Professional environmental cleaning and infection control services in urgent care centers are the way to keep your facility clean and safe for both patients and healthcare providers. Qualified healthcare facility cleaners, like Integrity Janitorial Cleaning Services, are trained to conduct microbial and disease remediation using proper cleaning and disinfecting procedures. These methods are for urgent care centers, healthcare facilities, and various medical offices. 

Following these 7 Urgent Care cleaning tips above helps protect your staff, patients, and visitors from disease and infection. 

Integrity Janitorial Cleaning Services – Your Urgent Care Center Cleaning Company

Integrity Janitorial Cleaning Services is an experienced medical facility cleaning company. Our cleaning crews are professionally trained and highly experienced in maintaining healthcare facilities of all kinds, focusing on thorough cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting methods to promote overall patient satisfaction. We also offer COVID-19 deep cleaning services for your facility. Some of the essentials of the deep cleaning services include:

  • Ceiling to Flooring cleaning and disinfectants applied
  • Plant-based fogging of premises to ensure air decontamination

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