As a top commercial janitorial cleaning service in Atlanta, we will review the 6 dirtiest places in your office in a two-part series. You might think you already know. People are often surprised, though. For example, according to Reader’s Digest, did you know that researchers in Arizona found that your phone is ten times dirtier than a toilet seat? Think about that the next time you press your phone against your face to make a phone call. As an office cleaning company in the Atlanta area, we ask the question: Where are the 6 dirtiest places in your office, and why should you have professional janitorial services weekly at the very least?

Even though you might spend hours in your workspace, you probably don’t spend time thinking about the viruses and bacteria that are floating around. That is where janitorial services play a key role. If you don’t pay attention, long exposure and contamination can quickly spread through the workplace, and everyone can get sick quickly. Choosing the right cleaning company can make your work environment a healthy one. Earlier, you probably guessed that the restroom is one of the dirtiest places, but what are the others? Here are two of the six places you spread germs each day.


#1 Keyboards and Mouses: Your hands are on both for hours daily. Additionally, they are a place where dust gathers. Then they also collect skin cells, hair, lovely food particles, and fecal matter. That is why you should always wash your hands. Mouses and keyboards often, like phones, have more germs than toilet seats. At Integrity Janitorial Cleaning Services, our expert office cleaners clean your computer components to avoid harming you.

#2 Doorknobs and Handles: Doorknobs and handles are among the dirtiest areas in the office. Using alcohol-based sanitizers will help but using janitorial services will be better. As a commercial cleaning company in Atlanta, we will keep all these areas clean.

 Integrity Janitorial Cleaning Services offers premium office cleaning services in Atlanta and nationwide. It is our job to keep your business healthy and germ-free. We have various cleaning options, including green cleaning services, to keep your employees safe naturally. We also offer flexible scheduling to accommodate your hours of operation.

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