Certain areas of your workspace or office may need special treatment. A great way to assess your current professional cleaner is by viewing these areas with a different eye. A decision may need to be made to step up the cleaning tasks. Dirty areas are grotesque to customers and may involve the spread of harmful bacteria. Once these places are located, then you may resolve them.

Where are these areas in need of a deep cleaning? In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic this is not an issue a business owner has time to consider. Integrity Janitorial Cleaning Services offers deep cleaning services for many types of workplaces. Here is our advice for deep cleaning these troubled areas.

In The Kitchen

This is a vast area for food related bacterial and viral growth and spills. Many employees are not trained to appropriately deep clean kitchen areas. Without a commercial cleaning service, it may be difficult to disinfect on a weekly basis.

Some examples of deep cleaning include empting the refrigerator often. It should be emptied once a week and smells should not be present. Shelving also needs to be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis. Giving attention to floor grout is a must. This area is not a generally cleaned surface but a very important surface to cover within a kitchen area.

Also, emptying the trash daily is a must. Cleaning of the inner and outer parts of the trash bin is key to a healthy environment. Most professional cleaners leave out this important deep cleaning technique when providing services to clients.

Flooring & Walls

Have you considered the last time the walls were cleaned? A dusty workplace is an unclean workspace. Wall should be wiped down on a regular basis. Monthly wall cleaning is crucial to discontinuing dust particles and the need for repainting. Places near appliances, heat sources and bathrooms tend to be the dirtiest. Baseboards and curtains should also be dusted regularly.


Most bathrooms should be cleaned on a daily basis, however many are only cleaned on a weekly time frame. Focus on common touch points is crucial. Other areas to deep clean include the inside of trash and feminine hygiene bins. These areas harbor dirt and filth. The base of the toilet and under the toilet rim, the wall behind the toilet and doors and walls in the bathroom are other major concerns when deep cleaning.

Choose Integrity Janitorial Cleaning Services For Your Deep Cleaning

There are other spots in the workplace that need regular deep cleaning including chairs, cables, stockroom shelving, etc. Call for a free consultation with Integrity Janitorial Cleaning Services today!