When people consider hiring a company green cleaning service, they usually consider green cleaning for a residential property. However, people spend more time at work than at any other place, including their homes. So having a green eco-friendly commercial cleaning company that offers a green clean is essential to the overall health of your employees. We’ll answer why it’s important to pick a green cleaning service and list some benefits.

1. You are protecting the environment. Storing cleaning products and containers are to blame for a lot of the world’s pollution and hazardous waste. When you choose to hire a green cleaning service in Atlanta, you choose to protect the environment and the people around your business. Having a company like Integrity Janitorial Cleaning Services certified in green clean is an excellent choice for your company.

2. You protect your employees, customers, and animals that could live around your business property from harm. Most commercial cleaners use harmful chemicals that do the job of cleaning but leave a lasting negative impact on the environment. Water run-off containing cleaning agents gets into the water supply animals drink, and it also settles into the ground. Your employees that have to breathe in heavy chemicals all day can have adverse side effects. Many people experience more sick days, headaches, burning eyes, and many other symptoms that can cause a decrease in work time by employees.

3. Green cleaning supplies are generally cheaper; therefore, it saves you money over time. Most green cleaners are a supply of natural, inexpensive ingredients. When you hire a green cleaning service, you are saving money and the environment. It’sIt’s a win-win!

4. You are setting a great example as a business owner for industry standards. Choosing a green clean encourages other people within your industry and community to make the great decision to protect the precious commodity of the environment and public health.

5. You significantly cut the risk of hazardous accidents happening at the workplace. Many employees get hurt because of careless cleaning efforts. They are using harsh chemicals that hurt their skin or lungs, using the wrong chemicals on surfaces that damage property, slipping on a wet floor, hurting their back bending to clean. The possibilities are endless for workplace accidents that are because of not choosing the right cleaners.

As a responsible employer, you must pick a green cleaning service. Using a commercial cleaning company that uses green products ensures your staff, customers, and neighbors that you care not only about your business but about how your business interacts with and cares about the community in which it operates.

At Integrity Janitorial Cleaning Services, we strive to offer our clients eco-friendly products that are good for the environment and disinfect your business to protect your employees and customers. Offering a green clean doesn’t compromise the end product of a beautifully cleaned space. Give us a call today at 404-530-0811 or visit our website to receive a free consultation on our services.