Urethane is applied to treat wood flooring to improve its durability. This standard finishing product is used on the hardwood to reduce scratches and other imperfections, making maintenance and cleanup easier. Before scheduling commercial floor cleaning services, here’s what you should know about cleaning wood floors with urethane finishes.

How long does urethane last?

Urethane coating generally lasts up to two years. The coating may diminish quicker if you have high foot traffic in your building. Fortunately, the floors can get a urethane coating reapplied sooner.  

How often should you clean urethane-coated flooring?

Clean the floors daily with a damp mop, especially in high-traffic areas. Use a mild detergent, such as soap and water, to clean urethane floors.

Should I buff my floor? 

Do not buff wood floors with a urethane finish. This finish dries glossy, which leaves flooring with a shiny, appealing look. Buffing can dull the shine of the finish and detract from the look of your floors. It may also reduce the protection offered by the coating. 

Is the flooring protected entirely from scratches?

While it does increase protection, urethane is not entirely impervious to scratches. For example, you could damage your hardwood floor if you move a heavy piece of furniture with a sharp edge. 

Ensure all furniture has cushioning on the base to prevent scratches.

When moving furniture, lift it instead of dragging it across the floor. It would be best if you also had defects in the protective coating fixed immediately for optimum protection. 

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