The decrease in temperature is causing many of us to become sick; our noses begin to run, our throats become dry, and our heads pound from the cold rush of air smacking us in the face. Aside from that, children often get sick because their daycare center isn’t cleaned frequently. Although we find ourselves in a ghastly array of germ-infested rooms, we can combat disease by implementing positive ways to keep a kids’ daycare center clean.

Make Handwashing a Requirement

Every daycare center has some policy on handwashing that employees must abide by before going back to work. When explaining handwashing to children, teach them why it’s essential to complete it after eating or using the bathroom.

To ensure that employees meet your health code policy, regularly update your guidelines to include the following items.

  • When entering and exiting a building, all employees must wash their hands.
  • When inside or outside for recess, require everyone—including students—to wash their hands before touching anything else. Also, make sure children wash their hands before and after eating at snack time.
  • Any time a worker or child touches their face or blows their nose, or coughs into their hands, have them wash up.

When you follow these guidelines, you help promote a safer and healthier environment for children and employees.

Eliminate or Limit Day Care Center Food

The flu season can sometimes do even more harm when there’s food involved. Many children don’t know better, so they pick, touch, and even drop food without realizing it. Instead of serving food every day, try encouraging parents to send packed lunches and snacks.

Limit Traffic in the Building

Another way to help protect your daycare facility from germs is by limiting traffic from guests in your building and allowing parents to drop off and pick up from the front door only. Limiting traffic helps keep parents in cars. Consider starting a no guest policy, as well. Enforcing this type of policy ensures that only the children who attend the center and employees can enter the building.

Set Up Daily Cleaning Tasks

If you run a daycare center, you must follow best practices for cleaning. If you don’t have a cleaning protocol, consider starting one so that your workers can get in the habit of cleaning areas that children use frequently. For example, you can clean toys by spreading them out on a table and spraying them with a diluted bleach solution.

We’re happy to offer our services as one of the ways to keep a kids’ daycare center clean. Your daycare facility needs the best cleaning practices and solutions, and we want to do the most by offering daycare cleaning services that meet health code standards. We also offer green friendly products when providing our services.

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