Cleaning dust from an area of your new construction site can help save time and energy. Not only that, but it can help prevent any dust from circulating after moving furniture into your building and trapping the dust in air ducts. Follow our tips for removing dust after construction. These tips can help improve the overall cleaning methods for your post-construction project.

Begin at the Top

First, focus on the top of your list and make your way down by vacuuming up as much dust as possible initially. By vacuuming first, you’re removing plenty of dust. Starting at the ceiling, clean the window ledges and door frames simultaneously. If there’s a ceiling fan or other lighting fixtures, do a quick vacuum of them as well. Be sure to dust any other fixtures closer to the ground, such as lampshades and electronics. After you finish vacuuming, clean the same areas with soap and warm water. The damp towels can pick up any remaining dust.

Carefully Work on the Floors

The floor surface that you have determines how you should collect post-construction dust. A carpeted floor can trap much dust, but a vacuum can easily pick it up with a dust brush extension. A steam cleaner is another good option for deep cleaning, and the method kicks hardly any dust into the air. If you’re working with a hard-surface floor, a broom or vacuum would work well—afterward, use a dust mop to pick up what remains on the floor.

Make Sure To Clean the Ducts

After you’ve cleaned the floors:

  1. Ensure that everything in the air ducts gets cleaned out.
  2. Open the vents and remove any dust that’s traveled through the filters.
  3. Once you’ve finished vacuuming, swap out any dirty filters for clean ones.

Following these tips for removing dust after construction is one of the best things to do to keep air circulation in your office or commercial building flowing well. If you don’t clean dirt up, you’re risking that workers and others will develop health problems. 

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