While janitorial services are standard practice for offices to keep their workspace clear of clutter and looking nice, it’s easy to overlook many of the small details that become hotspots for bacteria and germs. To help you make sure you’re keeping yourself and your employees safe during COVID-19, here are the most important surfaces in your office to disinfect.


Many people handle the phones in your office throughout the day. Phones go right up against someone’s face. With so many people touching the phones, it practically gives germs a free pass into your mouth. Unplug your phone and wipe it down with a cleaning solution and a cloth. Afterward, give it one more wipe down with disinfectant wipes.


Doorknobs and handles are touched even more than phones. These are even worse because you forget about the doorknob the moment you pass through the door, leaving them entirely neglected.  Knobs are one of the most important surfaces in your office to disinfect. Door handles are perhaps the most common spot bacteria and germs pass from person to person. Keep these knobs cleaned with antibacterial spray routinely throughout the day.

Keyboards and Mice

Like phones, keyboards and mice are touched and used a lot but are rarely given the attention they need for proper sanitation because they’re attached to computers. Using compressed air, spray between the keys on the keyboard to clear out dust and debris. Next, use cotton swabs sprayed with a cleaning solution to clean each individual key. Lastly, you can use a cloth and a solution to wipe the rest of the keyboard.


It is best to clean copiers using electronic or anti-static sprays and wipes. Make sure you’re thorough and get into its nooks and crannies to clear out any debris and dust clogging up the machinery. A feather duster may be helpful here for hard-to-reach spots.

All of these little details and spots are as tedious and difficult to keep up with as they are essential to clean. Luckily, you can contact us or call (404) 530 0811 for janitorial cleaning services that’ll properly clean all these little details throughout the day for a sanitary work environment. Integrity Janitorial Cleaning Services is here to help!