Despite how important keeping your business is, it’s understandable if it falls to the bottom of your to-do list. Luckily, a professional commercial cleaning service can provide you with a surefire solution. If you’re unsure about investing, here are a few signs you need to hire a commercial cleaning service, so you can better understand why it’s worth the investment.

Productivity Is Down

Our environment can have a more profound effect on our emotional and mental state than one may think. A neglected work environment will kill your employees’ morale and even cause obstacles that make it difficult for them to complete their work. Furthermore, if your employees have to be the ones to clean up the office or the business, then that takes them away from their actual responsibilities and slows down production.

Turnover Rates Have Increased

One of the most significant signs you need to hire a commercial cleaning service is if you notice an increase in your employee turnover. Neglecting to clean and sanitize the workplace communicates to your employees that you neither care about the business nor them. Resulting in your employees wondering why they should care? Before you know it, employees will start searching for better jobs. They are trying to get away from your business as quickly as possible. The condition of your workplace is one of the first impressions a new employee will have of you. The state of the bathrooms alone is an indicator of how an employer values its employees.

Illness Is Out Of Control

When you neglect sanitation, none of your workplace’s surfaces are adequately disinfected. Even if you are attentive to cleanliness, you may not have the expertise or equipment to eliminate bacteria and germs that build up over time. Simply wiping down a surface may make it look clean, but the microbial threat of germs remains. These germs become a potential threat to your employees’ health. If you notice that employees are falling ill more often, it may be time for a deep clean.

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