Many businesses are starting to reopen as stay-at-home orders are being lifted countrywide due to COVID-19. Managers are scrambling in order to maintain social distancing as well as maintaining a safe, clean facility.

Integrity Janitorial Cleaning Services has listed a few procedures in order to reopen your business from a cleaning standpoint, of course.

The Practice of Safe Behaviors.

The CDC recommends that individual businesses create a list of best practices for the safety of customers and employees while reopening. The main point is to decrease the risk of spreading coronavirus or COVID-19. Increasing the space between workstations and removing shared items like pens, pencils and coffee creamer assist with creating a safe environment. Other practices suggested by the CDC include:

  • Decrease social contact (e.g., in-person meetings or lunches) in the workplace.
  • Clean high-touch surfaces like phones, desktops, keyboards, staplers and touch screens frequently.
  • Open windows to improve ventilation.
  • Stagger work schedules, having certain staff members come in on opposite days, and allow for tele-work when possible.
  • Implement non-punitive sick-leave policies and liberal work-from-home policies to allow sick staff members to stay home.
  • Leave doors open that do not need to be closed to limit the need for multiple people to touch door handles.
  • Implementing curbside pickup and contact-less delivery wherever possible, and reminding customers of these options

Everyone Wears a Face Covering

CDC recommendations state everyone should wear a face covering of some kind over their mouth and nose when around others as COVID-19 can spread even if infected people are not showing signs of illness.

Some businesses are requesting or requiring customers to wear face masks while in store. Businesses are responsible for making it policy concerning customers and employees. Taking a stance on the issue of wearing a face mask is an important one when it relates to a healthy environment.

Use A Quality Commercial Cleaning Company

With the implementation of these new procedures, staggering work schedules and the consistent wipe down of highly touched surfaces, do managers have the time to think of effective daily cleaning?

One of the easiest ways to safely reopen your facility is to hire a COVID-19 specialist in commercial cleaning. At Integrity Janitorial Cleaning Services we specialize in honest, reliable and effective janitorial cleaning. We offer exceptional cleaning standards and have over 25 years of experience.

From floor care maintenance to office commercial cleaning services to COVID-19 deep cleaning/disinfectant services, we pair with businesses across a wide range of industries. Our team members are trained to eliminate contaminated areas and keep facilities safe. Call us today for your free consultation!