Winter is just around the corner, which brings the cold and flu season. This year, according to data from the CDC, there haven’t been this many cases of influenza so early in the season since 2009. If you’re a business owner, cold and flu season can be a challenge because it’s common for employees to get sick. Also, once one employee gets sick, it’s easy to spread the same bug to other employees — resulting in lots of absences, low productivity, and an all-around lethargic workplace. What are you doing to prepare your business for the cold and flu season? Fortunately, you can do a few things for your office, gym, medical facility, etc. The following tips can help ensure your workplace is ready to help people stay well and work throughout the winter.

Do A Deep Janitorial Clean Of The Office

As flu season begins and you notice the first signs of sniffles, get a commercial cleaning company to do a deep cleaning of your workplace. Everything should get de-germed: the water fountain, bathroom sinks, keyboards, coffee pot, and more.

Prepare Your Business For The Cold And Flu Season

Schedule More Regular Office Cleanings

Common areas visited more often are more likely to have higher potential germ activity. After completing the deep clean, schedule regular deep cleanings throughout the season to minimize germs. Remember to sanitize high touchpoints regularly to help stop the spread of germs throughout the office.

Clean The Vents

Don’t just clean the surfaces that people touch during cold and flu season. Check the air vents and their filters, and clean those too. Keeping vents clean can help rid them of dust and dirt, reducing respiratory irritation and allergies that lead to colds and infections.

Encourage Sick Employees To Stay Home

Don’t create an atmosphere where everyone feels pressured to come to work no matter what. Encourage sick employees to stay home and get rest — or to work from home if they feel up to it. Also, allow employees to stay home with children with the flu. By encouraging sick employees, and those with sick children to stay home, you minimize the risk of spreading germs to other people.

Provide Flu Vaccines

Encourage employees to get flu vaccines by offering them in-office. Arrange for a nurse or healthcare professional to come into the workspace and deliver the vaccines to employees at no cost. This incentive is an excellent way to offer employees a bit of financial assistance, and it helps reduce the chance that employees will contract or spread the disease.

We Can Help!

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