Have you been missing a few employees? Employee absenteeism can be a real issue for a business. Integrity Janitorial Cleaning Services can tell you that a workplace is a prime place to spread germs. Where are these germs spread from? None other than the kitchen. Of course, there are tons of jokes about the “water cooler,” but the office kitchen is the new water cooler. In this blog, we want to draw your attention to one of the most overlooked places in the office. That is right—the microwave. The office microwave is one of the nastiest places to spread germs. Here are a few microwave cleaning tips to make your office microwave sparkle.

Cleaning the Inside of Your Microwave

Option 1: Place equal parts of vinegar and hot water into a microwave-safe glass bowl. About two cups of each liquid are sufficient. Combine and place in the microwave on high until the mixture is boiling. After 5-10 minutes, let the boiling water stand for a minute or two. Remove the bowl, be careful it’s hot. Wipe the inside with a wet cloth.

Option 2: Place a quarter cup of lemon juice into a microwave-safe bowl. Again, place the bowl into the microwave on high and heat to boiling. Wait a few minutes, then leave the bowl in the microwave to steam. Then wipe the inside, top, and bottom.

According to Integrity Janitorial Cleaning Services, these are two suggestions for cleaning the microwave inside; but don’t forget about the outside.

Cleaning the Outside of Your Microwave

It is just as essential to keep the outside of the microwave clean because most germs spread hand to hand. To reduce germ contamination in your office, grab an alcohol packet from your office’s first aid kit and wipe all the exterior buttons. Don’t forget the handle. Immediately dry with a paper towel.

Create a safe, clean place to take a break and eat in your workplace. Keeping your office microwave clean reduces the chances of your employees becoming ill. You also emphasize a healthy working environment with these microwave cleaning tips from one of Atlanta’s top janitorial cleaning services. Remember that Integrity Janitorial Cleaning Services provides office cleaning services in Atlanta to help keep your employees at work and not at home sick. Our services include deep cleanings, so call us today if your office kitchen needs a deep clean.

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