Clean and sanitary restrooms are a must in the workplace, especially if your customers visit your location. After all, who wants to find paper towels all over the floor or a lack of toilet paper or something worse? Since restrooms are among the most challenging areas to keep clean, establishing a process that makes sure your bathrooms are spotless 24/7 is a huge priority. The best way to keep the bathroom clean is by breaking down the restroom cleaning approach into different components. Check out our suggestions on keeping the workplace bathroom clean and well-stocked.

Maintain Consistency

If possible, try to have the same people cleaning your restrooms, so they are well-versed in cleaning the bathrooms. When teaching them to clean effectively and efficiently, remind them to focus on cleaning thoroughly every time to avoid a buildup of nasty odors.

Spot-Clean When Needed

Regular spot-cleaning is vital to the overall upkeep of the office bathroom. Think of the countless people that use the space on any given day. This high-volume equates to significant consumption of toilet paper, hand soap, and disposable towels. It also means more smudges and puddles of water in heavily used areas, such as countertops and sinks.

Assign staff members to stock the restrooms at the end of the day —or every few hours if you have a significant number of employees and guests. Frequent usage means the bathroom is likely to become messy over time. 

Daily Restroom Cleaning

While spot treatments are vital to your office cleaning routine, you must also tend to the bathroom on a deeper level every day. Daily actions involve cleaning each toilet thoroughly and mopping the floors. 

It’s also essential to wipe down the surfaces to leave the space free of contaminants, germs, and bacteria. While you’re at it, recheck the supplies and empty the trash so that the bathrooms are spotless for the next day.

Perform a Deep Clean

Deep cleaning is more extensive than your daily routine. You might have an office cleaning company perform this task at least twice a year, once a quarter, or once a month, depending on the amount of traffic in your restroom daily.  

This involves paying particular attention to neglected areas, such as door frames, room corners, and vents. The walls that separate the urinals and toilets will also be wiped down, removing buildup. Additional tasks include washing the tile walls, paper product fixtures, and sanitizing the floors. A deep cleaning service ensures maximum cleanliness.

A Mopping Tip

Always use approved chemicals when mopping floors to avoid residue or surfaces not being properly cleaned. To loosen grout in tiles, lightly spray some solution to soak in for a few minutes before wiping it up. Use a clean mop with fresh water and do final mopping to ensure a clean surface.

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