It’s been a year since our collective world changed in response to the Coronavirus. Is your facility properly disinfected regularly?

Cleaning companies had to learn entirely new cleaning protocols.  As a locally-owned family business that employs trained and supervised staff instead of sub-contractors, we did not. And as a commercial janitorial service specializing in medical facilities, office buildings, gyms, and other high traffic/high hygiene facilities, it was just another day at the office for us – business as usual.

Those cleaning services that employ sub-contractors or pay franchise fees have traditionally needed to rush through each space to pay those extra expenses via higher volume. When the objective is a healthier workspace, one cannot have a “need for speed.” And now, almost a year later, we still hear of office buildings, gyms, clinics, distribution centers, and other high-traffic facilities that are still not properly disinfected daily. Sure, they send someone around wiping down surfaces and handles more often, but they are then wiping off the disinfectant before it has a chance to work. Or they are using the same wipe and spreading whatever it picks up onto the next surface.

Disinfectants require “dwell time” on the surface to do their job. A spray and wipe or just a wipe do next to nothing. Here are some cleaning and disinfecting guidelines from the CDC that we’ve been exceeding for years.

If you’re unsure about the disinfection practices in your workspace, we’d love to come out and take a look. We’ll inspect all of the critical areas you need to be as germ-free as possible. We provide commercial disinfection and janitorial services, including COVID-19 Deep Cleaning Solutions for retail spaces, offices, medical offices, gyms, warehouses, and many other settings. You can trust that our technicians will treat every surface so that your employees—as well as your customers or clients—stay happy and healthy. Give us a call today (404) 530 0811 or contact us for a free consultation. Then you can take the necessary actions to ensure both a healthier workspace and peace of mind for those who work there.