One of the most important decisions an employer makes is how to keep their offices clean. Having a cleaning crew on the company payroll can be a costly investment in the long run—while hiring a commercial cleaning service is often more cost-effective and provides a better service. To find the right professionals, here’s how to choose a commercial cleaning service.

Conduct Background Checks

The right questions can help you narrow down your choices. To pick between professional janitorial cleaning services, consider the specific services they offer, what days and hours they work (if you want them to come after hours), and their rates. The cleaning service should readily provide this kind of information so you can compare the companies between each other.

Furthermore, if you’ve found a cleaning service you want to consider, ask for references from their past clients. Get a third party’s account of their experiences to ensure the cleaning service lives up to their promises.

Ask About Liability Insurance

As you consider how to choose a commercial cleaning service, an easy way to eliminate any prospects is if they can’t provide proof of insurance and demonstrate they’re fully licensed. This insurance protects you from any repercussions should one of the cleaner’s employees get injured on the job or for broken equipment. Furthermore, if a company has liability insurance, it’s an indication that they have regular, professionally-trained employees rather than cash workers.

Ask About Hiring Processes

Ask prospective commercial cleaners about their hiring process to get a sense of what kind of people you’ll be entrusting to your office. Make sure the company you’re hiring uses professionally trained cleaners for thorough and effective sanitation. A professional commercial cleaning service will also typically have its employees wear uniforms and ID badges so you can quickly identify them.

Ask About Cleaning Processes

Inquire about their cleaning processes. You’ll get an idea of the equipment they can provide, the standard they hold themselves to, and their track record. This track record will tell you how experienced a company is and if they’ve established the best practices for a quality clean.

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