Trash bins stored outside and within your office are a necessary part of the business. However, until trash bins start overflowing, no one pays much attention to them, usually at the end of the day. Overflowing trash bins is one big reason why having janitorial services is an excellent investment for your business. It’s a necessity that you don’t have to think about when hiring a janitorial cleaning company. We have provided a list of the top three dangers to a business that can happen when your trash bins are not consistently cleaned and emptied.


Unemptied trash bins can cause air quality to go down tremendously. Food or other items that rot will cause contaminants to pollute the air, leading to lung damage if inhaled by humans. If trash continually spills over, it can affect waterways and potentially cause harm to other items around your office. In addition, unattended trash dumpsters can also cause foul odors that detract visitors or customers from your business.


An overflowing trash bin can attract bugs, animals, and illness-causing bacteria. Trashcans outside can be susceptible to the elements such as wind blowing trash around the front of your business. Excess garbage can also attract animals such as dogs, cats, raccoons, or opossums to come and ravage your bins looking for food. Bacteria from rotting food or other things people throw away can cause sickness if touched by someone else. These are just a few reasons why many people hire janitorial services to ensure that your trash bins get emptied and avoid the unsightly problem of full trash bins.


Consistently having trash around your facility gives your business a bad reputation to your neighbors, customers, and government regulators. Reputation means everything to the survival of any business, and when you are not taking care of your trash bins, it creates an eyesore for the community and doesn’t fair well for your company.

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