If you own a business, your commercial floors collect large amounts of dirt, dust, and germs in short amounts of time. How often should you clean your commercial floors to keep your environment safe? Whether you have carpet or a hard surface floor, let’s look at the different cleaning requirements for floors and traffic-level areas.

Floor Deep Cleaning Requirements and Frequency 

Depending on the floor type, they need cleaning with different frequency levels. You have all your floors deep cleaned at least once per year, but the traffic levels in your building determine whether they need additional cleaning sessions. Here’s how often floors need cleaning according to building traffic levels:

  • High-traffic areas: High-traffic areas include bathrooms, kitchens, and entryways. Deep clean these areas monthly to remove dirt, dust, and bacteria. 
  • Medium-traffic areas: These areas only need deep cleaning every few months because they collect contaminants, but not as much as high-traffic areas do. Medium-traffic areas include lobbies, hallways, and meeting rooms.
  • Low-traffic areas: Areas with low traffic levels only need deep cleaning once or twice a year. They don’t accumulate as much dirt, bacteria, and dust as the more traveled areas of your facility, but they still need an occasional deep cleaning to keep building occupants safe.

How can you ensure all your building’s areas receive the right amount of deep cleaning? Partner with a commercial cleaning company like Integrity Janitorial Cleaning Services to keep track of your floors’ deep cleaning needs and provide intricate care for various flooring materials. Whether it is tile, wood, carpet, or material in between, we will create a specialized floor care system that works for you.

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