How A Clean Workspace Improves Employee Morale


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When you think of your ideal workspace in your head, what do you imagine? In this hypothetical space, which can be whatever you want it to be, do you envision a cluttered desk, messy organization, and unclean surfaces? We’re going to guess that you don’t. In fact, in almost every scenario where we imagine an ideal space, our brains tend to default to cleanliness.

Being in a clean space makes us feel good for several reasons. Both at home and at work, being clean and organized is conducive to a more peaceful ambience and increased productivity. At Integrity Janitorial Cleaning Services, we’ve cleaned more offices than we can count, and it’s easy to feel how much of a difference it makes. If we can feel much better in a workspace just being in it for one day, imagine how nice it is for the people who spend their time there every day?

There are many reasons why cleaning up your office will improve employee morale. Here are a few of them.

Less Distractions, More Productivity

Studies have shown that, in general, the more clean someone’s space is, the more productive they are. There are many factors that play into this, and a big one is distraction. We’re able to get distracted on a conscious and subconscious level. Consciously, items and junk laying around might draw our attention away from what we’re doing, and subconsciously, exterior clutter, even in our peripheral vision, can subtract from the laser focus we’d like to have for the task at hand.

The cleaner your office space is, the more productive your employees will be. That extends to every aspect of the workplace — floors, walls, ceilings, desks, bathrooms, and so on should all be routinely cleaned. Additionally, it’s good to keep things organized and tidy in areas where multiple employees congregate, such as the kitchen or conference room. Keeping your workplace both clean and tidy will create a better energy for the office that’s likely to drive better results.

Healthier, Safer

A clean space is a healthier and safer one, no matter where you are. This is especially true for the workplace, which can gather all manner of pathogens, germs, and bacteria due to the high traffic that consistently passes through. In a work environment, you have people from all over the area congregating in one place, which means that germs can spread extremely easily. This will only be exacerbated by an unclean environment.

An unclean work environment can cause all kinds of problems. On top of the likelihood of germs spreading, dust can settle into the air, reducing the overall air quality. This can cause headaches, breathing problems, and can even affect the brain, reducing overall productivity and focus. By routinely cleaning your workspace, you’ll avoid the buildup of dust and grime that can wreak havoc to your employees.

And, of course, routine cleaning avoids simple messes that could cause damage if left untreated. Liquid spills can be hazardous whether they’re wet or sticky, and messes that aren’t attended to could potentially be an allergen to unsuspecting employees. We hope you’re proactive enough to clean your own messes, but if you call a janitorial cleaning service, they’ll make sure the area is as good as new.

It Gives Your Business a Better Image

One way that cleaning can improve morale is the simple fact that employees are happier when they work for a company that they respect. People are generally harder workers when they’re motivated by positive emotions rather than negative ones, and even more importantly, the quality of work is usually better.

The cleanliness of your workplace will do a lot to determine how employees think of your business. If they’re constantly in an unpleasant and dirty environment, it says a lot of things about you — it says that you care about your bottom line more than you care about their basic needs. It says that you aren’t bothered by uncleanliness and disorganization. Whatever it says, it doesn’t reflect too well on you, the business owner.

Keeping a workplace nice and clean is a good way to make your employees feel more at ease. In a world now where so many companies are content to treat their workers poorly, every small thing counts, and employees want to feel like they’re valued. By proactively ordering janitorial cleaning services and keeping your office spick and span, you can help foster a positive relationship with your workforce.

Call Your Local Janitorial Cleaning Services

The best way to keep your office or workplace clean is to call your local commercial cleaners. At Integrity Janitorial Cleaning Service, we are committed to our expertise, and we’ll provide incredibly cleaning services that won’t leave you disappointed. We’ve served the Atlanta area for years, and we’re deeply familiar with the cleaning needs that the buildings in this region have.

At Integrity Janitorial Cleaning, customer service is our top priority, and we’ll work closely with you to diagnose the needs of your building. We’ll discuss everything in detail with you — how often you want us to clean, if there are any areas that have precedence over others, if there are things we should avoid, and so on. And if you don’t have a clear plan for your cleaning? No problem! We’ll create the game plan ourselves and consult with you just to make sure we’re on the same page.

The cleanliness of your office is something that can’t be ignored, and not just for your employees’ sake, but for your own as well. Don’t make the mistake of letting dirt, grime, and bacteria accumulate! Contact Integrity Janitorial Services today.