Holidays are always a busy time for everyone. Seeing the end of the calendar often brings pressure to finish the year strong and finish year-end tasks. Making time to celebrate the season and look back on the year’s accomplishments is a great gift to give employees. Holiday parties are a great way to accomplish this. It’s also a great time to take a break from the stressors of work and enjoy the company of your co-workers. Suppose you plan on having an office party. In that case, Integrity Janitorial, a commercial cleaning service, has a few holiday office party tips and pointers to consider when planning your next office holiday party.

Before Your Office Party

As a leader in Atlanta janitorial cleaning services, Integrity Janitorial Cleaning Services knows that you need your office cleaned before you have an office party. It’s a good idea to safely clean all surfaces that food will be served or eaten on. However, you can’t just use any cleaner where food consumption occurs. Use a cleaner that both sanitizes and cleans the surfaces but will also keep everyone healthy during your holiday party.

Also, make sure and have plenty of trashcans on hand. This is a common mistake that party planners make because they’re too busy organizing so many other items. When people can’t easily find a trash can, they set down their cups and trash on any surface they can find.

When guests can’t find a trash can, it results in trash being strung all around the room. It typically results in quite a mess for the party planner to clean up. A good rule of thumb is to have a trashcan at eye level at any location of the room.

Another tip that will result in an easier cleanup for everyone; use disposable tablecloths, decorations, cups, and utensils. When you are relying on your employees to clean up, or you must do it yourself, the convenience of throwing everything away is just much more manageable.

Also, remember many people are still on high alert regarding Covid-19. As a result, throwing everything away after your party is typically the safest route to limit the spread of harmful germs, bacteria, or viruses.

After The Party

The first step is to take out all the trash from the party that you can gather up. Empty all the trash bins and take the extra ones you brought into the party out of the space. Removing the trash bins will allow you to move more freely and clean the floors properly.

Remove any remaining decorations that are hanging or sitting on top of surfaces. This way, any debris that is left over will be removed before you vacuum and clean surfaces. After removing all the food, décor, and trash, it’s time to wipe down all surfaces. With the help of a professional cleaning company, this step is easy.

Thoroughly wipe down and disinfect the surfaces of the office. To play it safe, Integrity Janitorial Cleaning Services offers green eco-friendly cleaning products to make sure you clean without affecting your employees’ breathing. 

Next, run a vacuum over the surface of the floors and for hard surfaces clean using a mop. If you have carpet and stains, you will have to spot clean the carpet. Integrity Janitorial Cleaning Services offers floor care and commercial carpet cleaning services.  

At Integrity Janitorial Cleaning Services, we offer janitorial and office cleaning services that will leave your office spotless and safe for everyone before and after your holiday party. We raise the bar on cleanliness and provide you with a maximum clean using our holiday office party tips.

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