More and more businesses are switching to green cleaning as they see the value in protecting the environment and people’s health. Medical buildings, in particular, are switching to green cleaning services to protect patient’s health better. Finding a green clean that matches the disinfectant properties of more harsh cleaners is hard, especially in a medical facility where germs are the most prevalent. 


There are green cleaning products that can disinfect a space and are non-toxic to the environment and people. There are also green products made for medical buildings specifically that keep the space healthier for patients. The cost of green cleaning can be a bit more expensive than a traditional cleaning service. If you consider the cost versus benefit of having healthier employees and patients over time, the extra cost of having a green clean, the benefit far outweighs the cost. We have listed some benefits of using eco-friendly cleaning products.  

  • Protecting the Environment – By choosing a green clean, you choose to protect the environment and its inhabitants; This includes employees and patients. Additionally, most of the packaging is also recyclable, which is another layer of protecting the earth.
  • Reduction in Hazardous Materials – Hazardous cleaners can cause all kinds of health problems, from breathing issues to skin irritation. Having a green cleaning service protects your patients and staff from having a bad health reaction due to a cleaning service.
  • Lowered Cost– With the ever-increasing demand for green cleaning services, the ability to buy cost-effective green cleaning products has gone down considerably. Therefore, the savings to the customer is much more.
  • Janitorial Staffs Safety – By choosing to hire a green eco-friendly commercial cleaning company, you are also protecting the staff cleaning your facility. Exposure to harmful chemicals all day can take a toll on one’s health. Cleaning with green products assures both a healthy clean for space and the staff.

At Integrity Janitorial Cleaning Service, Inc., we provide a green clean throughout the metro Atlanta area and nationwide, including Medical Office cleaning. We have a line of green products that help ensure we protect your medical environment while striving to give you the quality results you want. Call us today at 404-530-0811 or visit our website to schedule a free consultation and learn how green cleaning can benefit your medical office building.