A clean working environment means a healthy and more productive workforce. You may handle the cleaning yourself if you are a business owner, but you can get overwhelmed with the responsibilities even with a small office and few employees. Cleaning for employee health and safety is critical for any successful business.

More employees are naturally going to create more mess. When deciding if you need a commercial cleaning service, think about how many people are in your office every day.

  • 5-15 employees
  • 16-25 employees
  • 26-50 employees

High-traffic areas like bathrooms, breakrooms, and lobbies need extra care to avoid the build-up of dirt and germs. Over time, that build-up will make your office look dingy. Our cleaning teams will give your high-traffic areas a deep cleaning and protect your investment in your carpets, flooring, and bathrooms.

What Commercial Cleaners Can Offer Your Business

Commercial cleaning can give your business the advantage it needs to work efficiently. Our cleaning team can make your workplace look impeccable, pristine, and flawless. You want to wow your customers and clients with a highly enticing space. If they glance at your business and think that it looks cluttered and dirty in any way, it may make them doubt how good your services and products could be.

Our cleaning team can also encourage a work setting that’s both safe and healthy. Dirt, dust, and germs are all big problems in workplace environments. Employees in businesses spend hours on end in close quarters with each other, which makes them susceptible to viruses. If you want to protect your office from the hassles of constant sick days and lost productivity in general, you need to make sure your business is always 100 percent clean. Integrity Janitorial Cleaning Services experienced and trusted cleaning service can provide you with a work environment that’s always conducive to good health. Having your office cleaned and disinfected regularly will help prevent your staff from becoming sick.

A dirty work atmosphere is a distraction for most employees, and it can significantly decrease productivity. Not only is it a distraction, but it is plain unhealthy to your employees and your customers. Without a commercial cleaning service, you are leaving your office to not only dirty but a potentially toxic environment.

Productivity & Motivation

Integrity Janitorial Cleaning Services can increase your company’s productivity by helping to keep your employees healthy. Having a well-maintained office space shows your employees you care about the office and their work environment. A pleasant workplace makes everyone proud and helps keep a positive environment for everyone. 

Reduced Sick Days

It should come as no surprise that proper cleanliness will reduce employee illness. As we have learned from the Covid-19 pandemic, illnesses spread rapidly and impact our health more than we think. Germs collect on our desks, chairs, the break room, doorknobs, bathroom, and many other places. If your office is cleaned regularly by Integrity Janitorial Cleaning Services, you will have a clean and safe environment.

Bathroom Cleaning

The bathrooms are usually the most used place in the office. A dirty bathroom makes a trouble impression on anyone who uses it. It also takes a lot of work to keep it clean. Bathrooms do require a good cleaning:

  • Scrubbing the Toilet
  • Mopping the Floor
  • Disinfecting
  • High-Frequency Touch Points
  • Cleaning Sinks
  • Restocking Paper & Soap

 These tasks can end up taking up your time and focus. Let our qualified cleaning teams take over the deep cleaning and disinfecting needs, including our COVID-19 Deep Cleaning Solutions.

As Atlanta’s leading commercial cleaning company, we offer various cleaning services to help you maintain a cleaner, safer, and healthier environment for your employees. We also use safe and effective eco-friendly deep cleaning products and safe methods for people and the planet. 

Discover how we can help! Contact Integrity Janitorial Cleaning Services to learn more about cleaning for employee health and safety and schedule a free consultation or call (404) 530-0811.