A quality cleaning company should have work experience with commercial customers of comparable size and facilities to yours. You will come across companies with house cleaning experience, but this isn’t good enough. A cleaning company may be adept at residential facilities but may lack the expertise, equipment, and abilities necessary for cleaning commercial facilities. Ensure that the company you pick has dealt with business facilities in the past before you think of working with them. Read more to review the characteristics of quality commercial cleaning services as a guide.

Schedule Flexibility

A commercial cleaning company should preferably be able to operate around your company’s timetable. You cannot have cleaners hindering your clients or interfering with your daily business operations. 


Always look for a strong record of consistent and reliable service from both the company and its employees. Customers should be pleased with the consistency of service quality. Therefore, you can confirm the company’s performance by speaking with other customers. In addition, you can request a client list from the company to verify it yourself. 


Cleaning services for offices must be of the highest quality and affordable. The primary reason for employing an outside company to clean your workplace is to save money. As a result, you must hunt for a provider whose services are within your budget. If a service provider is the cheapest, this does not imply that you should go with that service provider. You can shortlist companies that offer quality services and then choose the one with the best pricing.

Set Communication Procedures

How will you communicate with your office cleaning service? How will you reach out to them, ask questions, and give feedback? Pick one that makes communication easy if you want to maintain a successful long-term relationship with a cleaning service.

Safety Training 

Safety is vital in any industry – even cleaning. Before selecting a service, ensure that the staff has obtained work safety training and is competent in maintaining such regulations in a commercial setting.

High Employee Standards

Ask about the company’s recruitment methods as well. Do they have full-time employees or work with subcontractors? Do they conduct thorough background checks? Their company’s cleaning staff will come to your place on a routine basis. They must be trustworthy.

Access to Quality Supplies 

The products and equipment used by a cleaning agency can considerably impact their work productivity. It’s essential to find out about the gear they use and how often they replace it to guarantee that you have access to the latest and high-quality products.

To help limit health issues, ask the agency if they have a green cleaning service. Using eco-friendly green products will give your place of business a deep clean that is also healthy for the environment, your employees, and your valued customers.

Wide Range of Services

One of the best parts about commercial cleaning services is the variety of accessible cleaning services. Janitorial services, window, office, bathroom, carpet cleaningfloor care, antimicrobial spraying, and disinfection are all available.

At INTEGRITY JANITORIAL CLEANING SERVICES, we offer high-quality commercial cleaning services in Atlanta and nationwide. Our goal is to keep your business space healthy and germ-free. We have a line of “Green” products that help make sure we protect the environment while giving you the quality results you want.  

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