In commercial buildings and offices, your floors are always being walked on and used, resulting in them wearing down quickly. If not correctly maintained, the condition of commercial flooring can negatively impact a business. For that reason, it’s essential to keep the material in excellent condition at all times. Commercial floor stripping and waxing services are critical to this process. Here we review how your business will benefit.

Clean and Freshen

Build-up from dirt and grime foot traffic on floors leaves a dull, dirty, and aged finish even with regular cleaning. Fortunately, the stripping process removes all of this topical build-up to reveal the un-touched base underneath.

As a result, the floor looks fresh and professionally cleaned—and as good as new. The wax applied afterward helps keep it this way for a lengthier period. 

Minimize Wear and Tear

Businesses don’t have the luxury of requesting that visitors take their shoes off at the door, unlike a homeowner. As such, damage can frequently occur from heels, soles, and the debris they bring in. A fresh layer of wax provides a protective barrier, limiting scratches and preventing them from reaching the vinyl, tile, or wood underneath. 

This waxing service also reduces discoloration. While the stripping process removes previous surface staining, the wax application helps block out damaging UV rays and solutions that could penetrate and stain the flooring. It results in the aesthetic appeal of maintained floors for a more extended period.

Increase Office Safety

According to the National Floor Safety Institute, slips and falls result in over 1 million injuries in the U.S. annually. If someone gets hurt at a business, it puts the owners at risk for costly liability claims.

Wax reduces the risk by adding grip to the surface. The material’s anti-slip property decreases from ongoing wear and tear. Businesses should adhere to consistent floor waxing applications.


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