Cleaning is necessary for the health, safety, and comfort of employees and patients in a healthcare facility. Medical/Healthcare cleaning is more than just emptying trash containers and tidying up the exam rooms. It’s imperative to use professional cleaning services to sanitize and disinfect surfaces and convey an overall clean and healthy environment for your patients. Review the following 3 Medical Facility Cleaning Tips to ensure you have a robust cleaning operation.

#1 – Develop a Custom Cleaning Program 

From the moment each patient walks through the door, a professionally cleaned medical office sets the right impression. Maintaining a healthy, safe, and clean healthcare facility demonstrates the level of service your team offers. But it takes effort to keep up with constant cleaning tasks that need attention.  It is best to have a customized cleaning program to keep things well kept and prepared for changing needs. This proactive approach ensures that you maintain a healthy and safe environment. Working with a professional cleaning company that has experience servicing medical facilities can prove quite helpful.

#2 – Use the Right Cleaning Products

Utilizing the appropriate cleaning agents is critical for safety and effectiveness. Select cleaning products based on the level of cleaning that is required and the types of surfaces. Furthermore, decide between all-purpose cleaning vs. sanitation vs. disinfection.

#3 – Structured Training Is Essential

Typically, standard rotational cleaning services are performed after-hours. However, during regular business hours, internal staff must also perform critical maintenance cleaning services, such as exam rooms, after a patient has left. This presents two distinct training requirements—first, training specifics for your internal staff. It’s important to relay the criticality of cleaning tasks through written procedures and continuous training. Second, the training program for your outsourced cleaning company, including a discussion of their Standard Operating Procedures for medical environment cleaning.

Integrity Janitorial Cleaning Services – Health/Medical Facility Cleaning

Our cleaning crews are professionally trained and highly experienced in maintaining healthcare facilities of all kinds with a special focus on thorough cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting methods to promote overall patient satisfaction.

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