Did you know that the typical office worker’s hands come in contact with 10 million bacteria a day? Common areas in the workplace are the most likely area that employees pass on germs. It is easy to miss cleaning all the surfaces in your office or workspace that hide cold and flu viruses. With the added concern of COVID-19, it is vital not to overlook common touchpoints that see a lot of traffic throughout the workday. In this blog, we review 10 overlooked places germs are hiding in your office.

Our Office Already Has a Cleaning Routine

It’s safe to say that everyone has learned more about cleaning than they ever thought they would over the past year and a half. Even with our increased knowledge and understanding, it is still easy to overlook and miss spots that may not readily come to mind.

What Are You Missing?

With cold and flu season coming up fast, and with COVID-19 and its variants still, a significant concern, let’s take a few minutes to review the places germs and bacteria are hiding so they can be addressed immediately:

  1. Printers and photocopiers – Often overlooked, these devices with multiple buttons and drawers are used and touched by numerous employees throughout the day. Wipe down display boards, controls, and handles daily.
  2. Coffee maker – If you have an office full of java-lovers, the handle of the coffee maker sees a lot of contact throughout the day. This essential kitchen appliance needs multiple wipe downs throughout the day to help reduce the transfer of germs from one person to another.
  3. Water cooler – After you’ve disinfected the coffee maker, swing by the water cooler as most employees use the water cooler at least once per day, handling the buttons and cup dispenser. Water coolers are not always located in the kitchen and are often in hallways or corners for easy access. They can often be overlooked and forgotten.
  4. Office kitchen refrigerators – Any place people go to get food attracts a lot of hands. Clean handles and buttons daily.
  5. Door handles and keypads –  All door handles, including those with keypads or fingerprint scanners, get as much traffic and contact as bathroom door handles. Some handles receive more contact from visitors and delivery people. Don’t forget handles on closets, storage cupboards, and conference rooms.
  6. Conference rooms – These areas see many people flow in and out throughout the day, including visitors. While your focus may be on keeping the windows and carpets looking their best, people come into contact with multiple surfaces that can spread germs. Chairs, tables, conferencing equipment, phones, shared keyboards, and remote control for presentations are hot spots for germs. In the age of COVID-19, you should wipe down these items after each meeting to ensure the healthiest environment possible.
  7. Windowsills and blinds – Speak to your commercial cleaning service to make sure they also hit the sills, blinds, and other surrounding areas.
  8. Stairways and hallways – Many people, including visitors and delivery people, pass through these areas using the handrails and door handles. Dust and debris can also accumulate here. Keep these areas swept, dusted, and disinfect any handrails and handles daily.
  9. Shared furniture – Places like break rooms or waiting areas have shared furniture. Upholstery can harbor germs and odors, so it deserves some special attention several times a year. If needed, vacuum, condition, rinse, and dry, or possibly steam clean upholstery. Wipe down hard surfaces with disinfectant daily.
  10. Employee desks and workstations – A typical desk has 10 million bacteria! Desks, chairs, keyboards, and computer mice are germ magnets. Ask employees to do their part with daily disinfecting, and be sure to review your expectations with your professional cleaners regarding these areas. Provide employees a place to eat lunch other than their desks to help keep dirt and food debris at a minimum and reduce pest infestation.

The guidance above may sound like a lot to cover, but a professional cleaning service can help you get the job done and help you maintain a healthy office. Speak with your commercial cleaning service to set up an appropriate and effective office cleaning regimen that meets your office’s individual needs.

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