Famous Janitors in Movies & TV

Sure, we may be biased because we’re a janitorial cleaning company, but we think that janitors are pretty cool. Cleaning professionals provide a coveted service to the world, and no office building, church, school, or home can abide the effects of uncleanliness for long. Although you won’t find our team shooting webs, flying through the air, or running at super speed, we like to think that professional cleaning is pretty heroic unto itself.

Unfortunately, janitors often get a bad rap, being stereotyped as “bottom rung” workers. Fortunately, there are some legends among our ranks. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of our favorite janitors in movies and TV.

Will Hunting – Good Will Hunting (1997)

We love Will Hunting because his story gave us two gifts — the movie itself, which is a veritable classic among film enthusiasts, and Matt Damon’s breakout role, who has gone on to make countless amazing films.

For the uninitiated, Good Will Hunting is the story of the titular Will Hunting, a janitor at a university who also just happens to be a mathematical genius. A series of events leads him to connect to one of the professors (played wonderfully by the late Robin Williams), and the two form a bond that changes their lives forever. Good Will Hunting is an an inspiring drama film that may just leave you with teary eyes.

While Will Hunting eventually moves on from his janitorial lifestyle, he ranks as one of our favorites.

Elisa Esposito – The Shape of Water (2017)

The most recent film on our list, Elisa Esposito is a mild mannered cleaning lady in last year’s The Shape of Water who routinely cleans the halls of a top secret government facility. Her cleaning duties give her access to certain confidential areas, where she eventually discovers a strange creature that’s reminiscent of the swamp man. What follows is a strange, but heartwarming story about woman and monster, which went on to win Best Picture in the 2017 academy awards.

Elisa Esposito is a caring, compassionate woman, but we can’t give her full marks on her janitorial report due to her abusing her position to galavant around prohibited areas. So we just have to make one thing clear — if you happen to be hosting a top secret government fishman experiment, we’ll just do our job and keep cleaning. That’s reassuring, is it not?

Finn – Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)

Finn, otherwise known as FN-2187, may be a stormtrooper in the service of the bad guys, but when he’s not doing that, he lives a far more heroic life — carrying out janitorial duty on Starkiller Base, the First Order’s planetary mega-weapon. How well would their sun-destroying weapon work if it got all dusty? We hesitate to ponder the answer.

In any case, Finn isn’t actually a bad guy, and it doesn’t take long for him to abandon his post and join the good guys in their fight against evil. We can think of one obvious reason for this — his humble roots as a janitor which clearly gave him a more positive and healthy outlook on life.

While we don’t get the pleasure of being able to see Finn actually clean things, we can only assume that he was one of the best at what he did, and we’d gladly welcome him on our team at Integrity Janitorial Services in Atlanta while he’s not busy crusading against an evil space empire.

Wall-E – Wall-E (2008)

Wall-E might not be a human, but he’s certainly more human than a lot of us are. Indeed, of all the janitors on this list, Wall-E is probably the most hardworking of all of them, and definitely sets the standard to which we aspire to at Integrity Janitorial. 

Wall-E works almost all day, every day, in the boiling sun or howling wind to clean up the inestimable amount of junk that mankind has left behind, taking to the stars after ruining the planet. “Well, of course he works hard, he’s a robot,” you might argue. But none of the other robots on earth were cleaning at the time we meet Wall-E, so clearly he’s just motivated by good, old-fashioned hard work.

If ever there was a film about the heroic potential of professional cleaners, it would be Wall-E, who, through a wild series of events, ends up saving the planet and humanity itself. Three cheers for janitors!

Argus Filch – Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Anyone who’s read the Harry Potter books or watched the movies probably doesn’t have the best view of grumpy old Filch. But hear us out — there are some things we can take away from this character, unpleasant as he may be.

First of all, we see that the magical, mystical Hogwarts needs a caretaker and cleaner. Hogwarts of all places — the school of witchcraft and wizardry, one of the most secure and important locations in the wizarding world, needs cleaning and care just as much as anywhere else. Clearly, the need for cleaning and upkeep is important, no matter where you are.

Secondly, we can’t help but feel bad for Filch. The guy lives in the magical world and can’t cast magic. That would make any of us bitter, and yet, he carries out his job. Clearly, professional janitors have some major resilience.

Lee Chandler – Manchester by the Sea (2016)

We’ll just have to warn you right now that Manchester by the Sea isn’t a film you want to watch if you want to feel happy and upbeat — it is a compelling story about depression, hard trials, and persevering through rough times even if you feel empty.

Casey Affleck plays a janitor and handyman who, as we learn throughout the movie, lost his marriage and family due to tragic events that are too significant to spoil here in a blog post. He nonetheless survives, doing cleaning work for the tenants in his building for a manager who gives him a hard time.

Manchester by the Sea is a movie about surviving when times are hard, and it helps remind us of the humanity of everyone around us. Janitorial work is often stereotyped as being bottom of the barrel work, but in this movie, we see a character in a professional cleaner role who is layered, nuanced, and complex.

God – Bruce Almighty (2003)

We had to save the best for last. That’s right — in Jim Carrey’s 2003 hit Bruce Almighty, the Alpha and Omega himself, the Great I Am, takes the form of a janitor cleaning an office building. If this doesn’t speak to the true value of janitorial services, we don’t know what will. Morgan Freeman, in his depiction of God, plays a deity who is wise, loving, humble, and perhaps a tad mischievous if it serves to teach a compelling lesson.

At Integrity Janitorial Cleaning Service, we don’t have God on our team (as far as we know), but we sure are inspired by his performance in Bruce Almighty — the office floor he’s cleaning is completely spotless!

Professional Cleaning Services in Atlanta

While we don’t have people on our team that are mathematical geniuses, deities incarnate, or spacefaring heroes, we nonetheless have a team of amazing professionals who are committed to integrity — the basis behind our company name. We hope you’ve been inspired of the greatness of professional cleaning by these movies, and if you find yourself in need of commercial cleaning services in the greater Atlanta area, we will be happy to lend our services. Contact us today!